Let’s Put the “Social” Back in Social Media

If you're not ready to click "Share" immediately on Instagram to send that Reel to a friend, was it even  good? 



The Story

I started with a blog in 2010 called Sweetsummertea. It's still live to this day on blogspot, crazy I know. I even had a binder in high school that said "Steph Marx Says" with notes of wellness, workouts, style and motivation from magazines.

Over the last 15 years, I began randomly helping top executives with their LinkedIn profiles, social campaigns and launching brand identities across digital platforms. 

Fast forward to obtaining my Master's in Communication Management from the University of Southern California - Annenberg in 2019 and coaching top executives on communication strategies through 2020, and being a catalyst to creator campaigns, I'm here to help! 

what i can do for you:


You have an amazing property, business, or marketplace, but you don't know how people can discover you? Let me own your content creator & partnerships planning and execution. 

Content Creation

You scroll and see beautiful Reels, IG feeds, and emails, but you're not sure where to start for yourself? Where do you start and how do you stay consistent?


Let's keep it open here. You might discuss business strategy, revenue drivers, growth marketing, brand shoots, conversions, leadership, teamwork  and feedback loops. Let's dive in 1-1 to establish a clear plan.

Just ask.

Partnerships & Collaborations

Content Creator Management 

Whether you're on Impact, Rakuten, Brad's Deals or are looking to launch a creator campaign on LTK, ShopMy, Aspire, IZEA, GRIN, MiniSocial, #Paid, Later Influence or CreatorIQ - I'm ready to be your strategic advisor. Let's talk templates, budgets, creator selection and OKRs. If you're not sure, let's chat ways for me to be your creator campaign advisor. 

content creator management

Affiliate marketing management

Content Creator creative management

Custom Content Creation

We know how to sell on social, baby.

High-quality, consistent messaging that resonates with your audience is key. Stay ahead in the digital landscape, save time, and drive customer engagement with our specialized content creation solutions. Your content needs a brand strategy not just another pretty image - that's the difference.

content strategy

elite Storytelling

reels, videos, stills

Brand Consulting

Not sure what isn't working? We can help.

Brand consulting is a strategic partnership that empowers businesses to define and strengthen their brand identity. Our expert collaboration style enables us to work as partners to analyze market trends, assess brand positioning, and develop tailored strategies for brand differentiation. Through meticulous analysis and innovative solutions, I guide businesses in building a compelling and authentic brand narrative that resonates with their target audience. Need something else? Just ask.

BRAND swot analysis

perceptions + realities

Leadership DISC training


Want me to teach you instead? 


In a unique twist, I can become your guide, teaching you about your own brand experience. By analyzing user interactions and feedback, I provide insights that empower you to enhance and refine your brand strategy, fostering a more impactful and resonant connection with your audience. Together, we can navigate the intricacies of your brand's consumer journey, ensuring a continuous evolution that aligns seamlessly with your business objectives.

Let's Chat!

Marx and Makers Promise

What Makes This Different

What sets my brand experience agency apart is my unwavering commitment to personalized solutions and creativity. I don't offer cookie-cutter approaches; instead, I tailor my services to your unique needs, ensuring that every strategy and piece of content reflects the distinct personality and goals of your brand.

 My emphasis on innovation and a client-centric approach makes me a dynamic partner, standing out in a crowded market and delivering unparalleled results.

i promise, we'll have fun!


It’s never too late
to rewrite your
your business
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let's work together


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