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Enneagram 7 wing 8, High "I" on DISC and a goldendoodle mama. 

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I’m Steph, your go-to-gal for all brand chats. 

Whether you want to chat matcha lattes and PH 9.5 water or the best oaky chards and how human goldendoodles are - I am your gal. Not only will I make you laugh, cheer you on and coach you on the best brand advice, but I will impact your results as a leader and how you influence others. 

Marx and Makers

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Welcome to the real podcast for Entrepreneurs, Executives, Senior Marketers, Content Creators, Innovators and Strategists. Real experience. Real advice.

As a leader, Steph connects and inspires those around her through accountability, curiosity, communication, compassion, and blue-sky thinking.

- Tim


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